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PASTORAL thrives on all creative projects involving flowers: arrangements for events, set design for photoshoots and films, flowering businesses and private homes, as well as creating unique floral/vegetal print designs. Or simply anything you can imagine related to flowers or their representation!

Marigolds for Sophie Calle's show "Rachel, Monique"

Sophie Calle's show "Rachel, Monique" at the Church of the Heavenly Rest in NY will be shown until June 25th.

The show revolves around Sophie Calle's mother, whose last word before passing away was "Soucis" - worries or troubles in french.

"Soucis" is also the name of a flower, "Marigolds" in english.

Pastoral has chosen to use orange African Marigolds, which will be present in the show until its last day.

sophie calle 1
sophie calle 2