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PASTORAL thrives on all creative projects involving flowers: arrangements for events, set design for photoshoots and films, flowering businesses and private homes, as well as creating unique floral/vegetal print designs. Or simply anything you can imagine related to flowers or their representation!

Valentine's Day Dinner

After a day of wild deliveries in the snow, I happily decorated a Valentine's Day dinner for my dear friend Elisa Lempicka.

Here are some pictures.

I think the fairy light/Gipsophila tree would look lovely for a wedding!

Hydrangea, Protea, Wax flower, Bush Ivy, Jasmine Vine, on mantelpiece

Bare branch covered with Gipsophila (Baby's Breath) and fairy lights

Close up of the magic branch

Small scattered arrangements for a delicate country table feel . Anemones, Wax Flowers, Bush Ivy.