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PASTORAL thrives on all creative projects involving flowers: arrangements for events, set design for photoshoots and films, flowering businesses and private homes, as well as creating unique floral/vegetal print designs. Or simply anything you can imagine related to flowers or their representation!

Pastoral NYC LLC was founded by Audrey Stipanovich in January 2014.

Audrey's passion for flowers grew over the years, probably thanks to her very british garden-obsessed mother. After studying fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris, working with designer Bernhard Willhelm for five years, and being photographer/director Stephane Sednaoui's Studio Manager for six years, she decided to take her own creative path by working with flowers and plants as a main material rather than with fabrics or cameras.

Her multifaceted background in fashion and photography communicates very closely with her present work, and has strongly influenced her artistic approach.

Inspired by films, paintings and literature - her classic arrangements are named after film titles - she uses her floral creations as an imaginary narrative material to celebrate the pastoral spirit.


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